Wood Be Waste

Wood Be Waste is a collaborative business project between 2 product (Dave Huntand Jack Hadlum) and 2 interaction designers (Myself and Tom Smee). During my final year at Ravensbourne we were set with the task to to sell products, and make a profit at the [student organised] Penrose Market. 

Our idea was to collect unwanted waste from workshops and design studios across london and create usefull products for the home and office environment.

The first range of products are unique desktop accessories made in small batches and finished by hand. Designed to display a clock, Post-it notes and iPhone holder. Each product will have a limited run of ten.

Also a selection of one-off products to include a Table Lamp and Wall Clock. All of the materials used to create these products were saved from the recycling bin of stores, workshops and studios across London.

I also created the branding for the Wood Be Waste, Which included business cards the logo packaging, how to brand the products and the market stall.

I wanted to keep the concept of not wasting things. so filling the gaps of the letters kept that theme going.  This also allowed left the company with a strong identity with their brand ethos still intact.

The business were off cuts that we found, we just laser engraved the details and used a QR code to send people directly to our website.

The packaging I wanted to keep simply and not detract from the product.  I decided to keep our USP running through our packaging by putting a little note on the back to make the customer aware of what Wood Be Waste were trying to do.

For More information head over to Woodbewaste.com

This project was featured on many online magazines and blogs: