User Testing Skills

Throughout my time at Ravensbourne I have thought a lot about the user this has been instilled in me by the process of the Product & Interaction course at Ravensbourne.

I have carried out many user testing sessions in the past 18 months that span over many projects.  Most notiable was with my Final Project (link), where I carried a case study on a elderly person about their thoughts and abilities with technology.  This case study consisted of observing their abilities using a desktop computer, an iPad and a Nintendo Wii.

I followed up that case study with a visit to Age UK Redbridge to test a UI that I created.  Both of these led me to the final solution for my final project  This session was carried out with a paper prototype that allowed the user to understand the usability and functionality of a service.

Another project where I have been involved with user workshop was with children aged 6 -10.  We had to design a children’s game that was character rich.  I created Wreckin’ Balls (link).  I created a flash game that would allow the children to create their own monster on screen by clicking buttons that allow them to mi and match parts of different monsters.

This taught me a lot about the attention span of children and how to keep them entertained, also it taught me about what kind of looks of toys and monster are popular and that helped me shape my idea.