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Mother London

A Leading Advertising Agency based in Shoreditch. Mother London have a huge client base including Boots, Stella Artois, Tanqueray, IKEA,, FRANK (Government drug campaign) and many more.

Mother London

Wood Be Waste

Wood Be Waste are committed to finding waste material and give it value by making useful products, which can be used in the home or office environment.

Wood Be Waste are a new company based in London.  The company is made up of Dave Hunt, Jack Hadlum, Tom Smee & Keir Richardson, we are all studying in our 3rd year at Ravensbourne University.  Dave & Jack are currently studying for BA (Hons) Product Design, Tom & Myself are studying BA (Hons) Interaction Design.


Random International

The studio was set-up as a license for experimentation with the mission to develop a new artistic vocabulary.  Working from the fringes of art, design, science and architecture, rAndom are developing projects and installations that re-interpret the ‘cold’ nature of digital-based work and emphasise the interaction between the animate (audience) and the inanimate object, bringing the two into a powerful sense of aesthetic relation. Their work renders the technical to the ephemeral, harbours an intense curiosity towards experimental processes, and develops into a body of diverse installations, commissioned works, performance projects and one-off experiences


John Thompson & Partners

John Thompson & Partners is an international placemaking practice, with extensive experience of delivering successful projects for both public and private sectors throughout the UK, Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East.


Adam Bowie

Adam is a Design Manager at JTP – Adam’s website

Joe Wood

Joe is a Design Manager at JTP – Woody’s Twitter

David Hunt

David is currently working with me at Mother London and is co-founder of Wood Be Waste – David’s website

Jack Hadlum

Jack is working at Jason Bruges Studio and is co-founder of Wood Be Waste

Jack’s Website